‘Hero’ boy, 9, calls 999 after mum collapses while cooking dinner

A nine-year-old boy from Mid Sussex has been hailed as a hero after calling 999 when his mum collapsed.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 4:42 pm

Kirstie Western, who lives in Balcombe with her three children, said she had been feeling unwell when she passed out while cooking dinner.

But her nine-year-old son Zachary Fruen sprang into action turning off the oven before ringing 999.

The 34-year-old healthcare assistant said: “I wasn’t feeling very well for most of the day. I kept falling over, stumbling, shaking.

Inspector Darren Taylor hailed Zachary Fruen, nine, as a hero after he phoned 999 when his mum collapsed.

“The next thing I knew I was surrounded by policemen.

“It was a bit surreal. I didn’t particularly remember most of it. Zachary was my hero.”

And now the young lad has been recognised for his heroic actions, with Inspector Darren Taylor of Mid Sussex Police presenting him with a special certificate.

He said: “Zac looked after her, calmly rang 999 and told the operator what had happened... and he even turned the oven off so it didn’t melt. Zac totally deserves a special recognition certificate... Zac’s a Mid Sussex hero.”

Kirstie, who has now recovered, praised Inspector Taylor for taking the time to present Zachary with his certificate.

She said: “It was absolutely amazing for him to take the time out of his day to come and meet Zachary.

“He was just so lovely and was in awe of Zachary.

“It was just lovely to meet him and just really nice to have him off as a surprise for Zachary and for Zachary to take it all in his stride and just be genuinely amazing. Darren was amazing.”