Jayne tells story of ‘outstanding’ collie Nipper

Jayne Leaney has written a book about her dog, who saved sheep in a farm fire. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150303-132951001
Jayne Leaney has written a book about her dog, who saved sheep in a farm fire. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150303-132951001
  • Jayne Leaney, from Burgess Hill, has written a book about a Collie dog called Nipper
  • The book is called Put That Dog Out! and is based on real life events at a farm in Ansty

An aspiring author has finally put pen to paper – writing a story about her adventures with ‘outstanding’ dog Nipper, who alerted farmers to a fire.

Jayne Leaney, from Burgess Hill, has wanted to write a book ever since reading children’s classic Black Beauty.

She has now had her first book published, called Put That Dog Out!, a story following Nipper the Collie Dog, who risked his life to rescue 300 cows and sheep from a farm fire.

“It is a true story,” said Jayne.

“It is set 30 years ago when we lived on a farm in Ansty.

“We were on the farm for three years. The third year we were there he alerted us to the fact the farm was on fire. We were lucky that we were in that night.



“My husband had just had a tax rebate so we were going to go for a meal at the pub. We heard Nipper barking. I could see the barn was on fire.

“We got most of the animals out. We did lose a few sheep which was very upsetting.

“More adventures happened after that.”

Jayne joined Young Farmers at 19 years old, where she met her husband.

Nipper was a dog in a million. He was an outstanding dog.

Jayne Leaney

They married in 1982 and moved to the farm where he worked and where they met Nipper.

Jayne’s friend told all the national newspapers about the fire and Nipper even won two awards for bravery after the stories were printed.

“We went to the RSPCA. We went on Blue Peter.

“We even went to an awards ceremony for dogs.

“Nipper featured on breakfast TV with Selina Scott. The Middy did an article on Nipper too. We had boxes and boxes of dog treats – most of which we gave away.”

Jayne said she had always wanted to write a book about the farm fire.

After working for thirty years as a secretary and PA she became inspired again after hearing advice on how to write children’s 500-word stories.

“I started the book several times but a couple of years ago I heard the Hay festival judges on the radio,” she said.

“I thought I can’t wait to get home.”

Jayne said she has had dogs since Nipper – and had a rescue dog.

“But Nipper was a dog in a million,” she added.

“He was an outstanding dog. He was so intelligent.”

The book follows Nipper’s life as a farm dog, herding cattle, rounding up escapees and sheep dipping and making friends with a collie Labrador cross.

Jayne said: “I am hoping adults will enjoy reading Put That Dog Out! as much as children, even though I have written it with children in mind.

“Most of my friends that have read it, have kindly said that they thought most adults with a love of animals and in particular farming, would enjoy the book – so here’s hoping.”

Put That Dog Out! is available from Amazon on March 26.