Kittens placing a strain on Cats Protection

The kittens
The kittens

An influx of kittens is putting a strain on the national centre for Cats Protection in Chelwood Gate.

So far this year 126 kittens have either been born at the centre or handed in, an eight per cent increase on the same time last year.

Manager of Cats Protection’s national cat adoption centre Danielle Draper said: “The additional number of mouths to feed was causing a strain, as well as making it harder to find homes for other cats.

“The summer months are always very busy for us, as this is when the majority of kittens are born.

“This year is no different, and in fact we’ve seen more kittens coming into our care than last year and it means our resources are considerably stretched.

One of the biggest problems staff at the centre face is that with so many kittens to choose from, our older cats available for re-homing find it harder to attract the attention of a prospective owner.

Ms Draper said while kittens require a lot of care and attention, they generally do not struggle to find new homes for them, as many owners would like to adopt a kitten.

The manager explained it is heart breaking to see so many older cats over looked simply because of their age.

Cats Protection would like to remind those considering giving a home to a new pet that older cats have just as much love to give as kittens.