Landslide Mid Sussex District Council victory means ‘greater responsibility’ for Tories

  • Tories take all 54 seats at Mid Sussex District Council
  • Result mirrors shock victory for Conservatives across England
  • Leader of council’s Tory Group describes it as ‘real vote of confidence in our leadership’

The scale of the Tories’ landslide victory at Mid Sussex District Council means ‘even greater responsibility’ for the party according to its group leader.

The Conservatives won all 54 council seats last Thursday wiping out the Lib Dems and the Labour Party, with the results mirroring that of this year’s general election, where they won a sweeping victory nationally and in Mid Sussex.

Garry Wall, leader of the Conservative Group at Mid Sussex District Council, said: “This is an outstanding result for the Conservatives in Mid Sussex and a real vote of confidence in our leadership of the council and the work of our councillors in their communities.

“The scale of the result means even greater responsibility and we will continue to administer sound governance in an open and inclusive way, listening and responding to the views of local residents.

“We know that significant challenges still lie ahead but our recent excellent track record demonstrates that we are best placed to continue to deliver the high quality public services and value for money that our taxpayers and residents expect.”

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