Lawyer takes break to search for ‘nice Americans’

Geoff Steward
Geoff Steward

A Haywards Heath author is preparing to release his ‘debut travelogue’ documenting his travels around America.

Geoff Steward, a litigation partner at city law firm Macfarlanes, took a three-month sabbatical off work to travel from New York to Alaska during Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign at the end of last year.

These travels motivated him to write his first book entitled In Search of Nice American’s.

But what exactly is it all about?

Geoff said: “It is not quite a travelogue, it is not quite an autobiography, it is not quite a motivational self-help book, it is not quite a mid-life crisis.

“What it is, is a humorous travel romp from New York to Alaska, in pursuit of bears, honky-tonky bars and nice Americans.”

Disillusioned with the requirement to account for every six minutes of chargeable time as a lawyer and with the continuous delays to Southern Rail trains, Geoff decided to take a break from work to go off the grid.

Ignoring his emails, he travelled coast to coast in America in just three months.

On his return, he put together his ‘waspish and mischievous’ book documenting his travels and poking fun at all things including the legal profession, his children and the ordinary Americans he met along the way.

Tony Hawks, author of Round Ireland with a Fridge reviewed the book and said: “Geoff Steward has written a brilliant debut travelogue and I’m sure there will be more.
“It’s charming, engaging and, above all, really funny.”

In Search of Nice Americans is to be published by Biteback and will be released on Tuesday, August 15.

Geoff will be signing books at The Bookshop, in East Grinstead on Saturday, September 9 and Waterstones in Haywards Heath on Saturday, September 16.

Copies will be available from Waterstones, Amazon and on Kindle.