Los Pacaminos dare to be different and lift the roof at Balcombe Club

Los Pacaminos at Balcombe Club SUS-140318-091908001
Los Pacaminos at Balcombe Club SUS-140318-091908001

Los Pacaminos, the Tex-Mex band formed by Paul Young and friends, lifted the lid at Balcombe Club on Saturday night with a capacity 300-strong audience cheering and dancing to the country and blues sounds of south-west America.

The seven-strong grouping brought together a powerhouse of musical talent led by Paul Young, whose 80s hits including ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat’ and ‘Everytime You Go Away’ made him the headline name.

Paul was definitely the crowd puller with a line-up of female fans dominating the front rows of the Victory Hall and others freely admitting to a former teenage obsession.

But this was a gig that was more than one man, Paul giving way more times than not to his fellow band members and never dominating as a soloist or a showman.

With playing histories and friendships now stretching back 20 to 30 years, the rapport and camaraderie was the essence of their success, bringing with it a huge sense of seemingly effortless fun and enjoyment that spread infectiously through the audience.

With a tray of what appeared to be Tequila shots delivered to the stetson-wearing musicians on stage, the gig was pure showbiz with an atmosphere they whipped up to become not quite wild-west but definately carefree and light-hearted.

Well-known numbers like ‘Don’t Make Me Wait, Senorita’, ‘Little Sister’, ‘The Girl From Tennessee’ ‘Highway Patrol’, ‘The Tequila Song’ and ‘Wully Bully’, were all loved for their refreshing Tex-Mex sound that dared to be different.

With a new album about to come out, Los Pacaminos’ Paul Young, Drew Barfield , Matt Irving, Jamie Moses, Steve Greetham, Mark Pinder and Melvin Duffy are already talking about a return to Balcombe Club.

North London band Felix Fables supported, also playing acoustic and producing an original, skilled and likeable sound some said was reminiscent of Mumford & Son.

PHOTO courtesy of PNC Events Ltd