'Lots of 999 calls' to campervan on fire in Burgess Hill

Firefighters are captured on video tackling a campervan on fire outside an office building in Burgess Hill.

The fire service received 'lots of 999 calls' about the incident outside American Express on Sunday (October 7).

The fire service at the scene in Burgess Hill on Sunday (October 7)

The fire service at the scene in Burgess Hill on Sunday (October 7)

Eyewitness Claire Carey, of Meeds Road, Burgess Hill, said firefighters were on scene 'within minutes'.

"There were black plumes of smoke - a VW van was on fire," she told the Middy.

"The fire service was on scene within minutes and the fire was put out very quickly."

A spokesman for West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were called to reports of a van on fire, which was a campervan, in Queen Elizabeth Avenue.

"We received lots of 999 calls about it. One fire engine attended the scene and one Breathing Apparatus (BA) was used.

"There was extensive damage to the campervan. No injuries were reported. We left the scene at 2.53pm."

A spokesman for American Express added: "We are very relieved to hear no one was hurt and can confirm that there was no damage to the Sussex House building."

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