Mid Sussex District Council warns about alcohol intake


As New Year is often time for reflection, Mid Sussex District Council is asking people to think about how much they drink.

The Mid Sussex Wellbeing team said it is commonly accepted that drinking to excess on a night out is damaging to health but drinking regularly at home can be just as harmful.

A spokesman for the council said: “What many people will see as a few innocent drinks after work can have a long term effect on health.

“On average, a woman who regularly consumes one large (250ml) glass of wine on five nights of the week or a man who drink two pints of beer on five nights of the week are drinking enough to lead to increased risks to their health.

“Many people will have made a New Year resolution to lose weight in 2015 and reducing the amount of alcohol they drink is a great way to start.

“Alcoholic drinks are packed full of calories with a large glass of wine weighing in at 185 calories and a pint of strong lager at 256 calories.

“Cutting back by just a few drinks per week could provide a significant boost to weight loss.”

Councillor Christopher Snowling, cabinet member for health and community, said: “Many of us think the way we drink isn’t a problem, but even having just a few beers after work or a few glasses of wine at home can often take you over safe limits and store up problems for the future.

“Taking time out in January to rethink how much you drink is not about never drinking again, it’s just the perfect opportunity for all of us to take a breather and think about what’s best for our future.

“We think cutting back drinking, even just a little, will help people feel better, sleep better, save money and may even help them to lose weight.”

Mid Sussex Wellbeing is an impartial service, provided by the district council and other partners.

The majority of the services completely free to users and include information on drugs, smoking, being active, wellbeing at work, money and sexual health.

For more information about local services and support call the Mid Sussex Wellbeing Team on 01444 477191 or visit www.midsussexwellbeing.org.uk/topics/alcohol.