Mid Sussex team get banger ready for Benidorm

Thomas Walsh, Trevor Jones, Greg Murch are getting ready for their drive  in a Jaguar XJ SUS-150427-152020001
Thomas Walsh, Trevor Jones, Greg Murch are getting ready for their drive in a Jaguar XJ SUS-150427-152020001
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A trio of ‘petrol heads’ are driving an old banger with 200,000 miles on the clock from Blackpool to Benidorm to raise money for charity.

Greg Murch, Trevor Jones and Tom Walsh will be driving 1,500 miles in three days in a £500 Jaguar for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The team was determined to raise money for the charity after all losing family members to the disease.

Called We Love Bangers, the group has been preparing for the Benidorm or Bust challenge for weeks and will be joining more than 200 other cars on the long drive to the sunny holiday destination.

Tom Walsh said: “We are all massive petrol heads and love all things involving cars from fixing, racing, going to specialist shows and simply got involved in this event because Greg saw it pop up on his Facebook news feed.

“Trevor is a skilled car painter at Xtreme Restorations Cowfold, Greg is a Kung Fu instructor in Crawley and I am a business development manager.”

The team found the ‘cheapish but solid’ car through one of Trevor’s contacts – who even offered to service it for free.

Tom added: “The car was green and looking very tired and we needed to come up with a plan to make it stand out amongst the other hundreds of cars attending so this got us all thinking and got Trevors juices flowing to put his skills to the test.”

The team has painted their Jaguar XJ in an ‘Austin Powers tongue in cheek theme’ while also celebrating the British-made car.

“The preparation of the car began with all three of us starting to dismantle the car to make painting it easier and then the task of rubbing all the painted surfaces down which took ages.

“People underestimate the amount of labour that goes into cars needing body repairs. We did this over a whole weekend where lots of junk food and banter were consumed.”

The team is now making the final preparations for the trip – making sure the Jaguar will run smoothly and adding the ‘important things’ like making sure the cigarette lighter works for a sat nav.

To support the group visit www.justgiving.com/we-love-bangers