‘Mindless’ change to Haywards Heath Sainsbury’s car park slammed amid safety fears

Bemused shoppers are questioning Sainsbury’s for the ‘mindless reconfiguration’ of its car park in Haywards Heath amid fears the new layout is dangerous.

Monday, 3rd November 2014, 9:44 am
Sainsbury's, Haywards Heath. Pic Steve Robards SUS-141023-170116001

The car park allegedly prevents customers from seeing cars whilst using the pedestrian crossing.

Annie Kwiatkowska said: “Sainsbury’s parking has only deteriorated over recent weeks since the mindless reconfiguration of the car park and shop. I have witnessed cars having altercations and bumps.”

She explained she plans to boycott Sansbury’s, and ‘would urge anyone with a modicum of integrity and respect for our town, Haywards Heath, to follow suit’.

Annie’s car has been damaged in the car park even though she parks ‘as remotely as possible’.

The one way system has been replaced by a two way system with two narrower lanes.

Jennifer Burke from Ashenground Road said: “It was fine before. The new layout is dangerous, especially for the elderly. Some of my friends say they will shop elsewhere.”

The footpath now goes around corners rather than straight towards the footpath parallel to the railway.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “An important aspect of our store improvement works is to re-lay, white-line and reconfigure the car park, to improve the flow of traffic around the car park whilst also improving customer safety by moving the Bannister Way vehicle access away from the side of the store.

“All of our improvement works are being undertaken in accordance with the planning permission received in May this year.

“These improvements, including the reconfiguration of the pedestrian crossing, will help us to create a safer and more efficient car park layout and improve visibility.”

Pam Bloomfield from Lindfield described the new system as ‘chaotic’.

The new two way system is positively dangerous as far as I am concerned,” she said.

“If a car is parked on the back row, not only does a driver have to look out for cars going up and down, but has to be aware of cars swinging round from another part of the car park as well as those entering from the rear entrance.

“Shoppers have to have their wits about them when making their way to the shop and returning to the back row. Cars seem to come at you from all angles.

“The old one way system was much safer but this new one is absolutely crazy!”

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