MP joins fight for ‘precious’ East Chiltington green

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Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, has pledged to support East Chiltington in its fight against over-development.

Lewes District Council proposes building thirty six new houses on the hamlet’s treasured Hollycroft Field, the community’s unofficial Village Green.

Ms Caulfield met with representatives from the East Chiltington Action Group on September 28, to hear their concerns and pledged to do all she could to help its aim to halt the development.

She said: “This proposal is completely inappropriate. We need to protect our precious green spaces and Hollycroft Field is a real focal point of the local community.

“Additionally, the single lane track providing access to the hamlet is simple not sufficient to accommodate more homes. The infrastructure is not in place to support this level of additional housing.

“I have raised my concerns with Lewes District Council about the whole way this process has been handled and will continue to stand with local residents.”

Rivkah Cummerson, chair of the East Chiltington Action Group, said: “We are delighted that Maria is fighting our corner against Lewes District Council.

“She recognises that the whole ‘New Homes Project’ process has been undemocratic and that some sites, including East Chiltington, are wholly inappropriate in terms of having sufficient infrastructure. There has been inadequate and laughable ‘consultation’. It is really wonderful to have Maria’s recognition and backing of our cause.”