MP speaks of “unease” over fracking

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LEWES MP Norman Baker has reaffirmed his commitment to renewable energy sources in the wake of Balcombe’s fracking row.

He was speaking just before a public meeting held in Lewes last Friday, to discuss proposals to search for oil on a site near the West Sussex village.

Mr Baker said:“In general terms, it is clear that there are important issues to be resolved before this practice can be considered acceptable, not least effects any drilling might have on the stability of the ground, and the possible negative consequences for water supplies.

“I also believe we need to frame our future energy strategy around much greater energy efficiency, and the widespread development of renewable sources.

“For climate change reasons, I do not think it would be helpful to extend our reliance on fossil fuels any more than necessary, particularly without carbon capture and storage.

“In respect of the Balcombe site in particular, I have discussed this with South-East Water who are also uneasy about any proposal to allow drilling here, and they would want to be satisfied that this would not impact on their water resources.

“I understand that no licence to allow drilling has yet been granted by the Environment Agency.”