New Brighton park-and-ride could come to Albourne

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A new park-and-ride for Brighton could be coming to Albourne.

A 30-acre site, four miles north of the city boundary has been discovered at QLeisure, a go-kart track accessed from a former section of the A23, near Albourne.

Discussions have continued for more than a year about the possibility of a park and ride scheme centred on this site.

The area is the responsibility of Mid Sussex District Council.

Councillor Andrew MacNaughton, cabinet member for planning at Mid Sussex District Council, said: “We are aware of the desire to create a park and ride facility to serve the city of Brighton but no planning application has been submitted for this, or any other site in Mid Sussex.

“Should an application be submitted we would consider it as part of the usual planning process.”

The road infrastructure may require some improvement to ease access on and off the A23; a bus lane from Albourne to the Q8 roundabout would be an advantage.

Brighton and Hove Buses has already committed to running a commercial park and ride service for a 1,000-vehicle site, if such a site can be found.

Soozie Campbell, chair of Brighton and Hove Tourism Alliance, is keen to take discussions forward; the minority Labour administration is said to be supportive.

Ms Campbell said the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) had a key role.

She said: “We need to provide a transport infrastructure that will not only serve the needs of the city, but also the needs of the surrounding villages in the wider region.

“Not everyone who works in Brighton lives in Brighton – most can’t afford to. We need to make the commute in as easy and as affordable as possible.

“We also need to reduce carbon emissions going through the national park and reduce congestion in the city centre.”

Councillor Robert Nemeth, a Conservative member of Brighton and Hove’s transport committee, said: “We recognise calls for action for a park and ride solution from traders and the business community, generally.

“It has to be kept in mind, though, that this specific proposal falls within the jurisdiction of another local authority whose views will be key when it comes to assessing any future planning application.”