New playground open in East Grinstead

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New playground equipment in the Richmond Way area of East Grinstead is now open and ready to use, giving local children and their families a more enjoyable way to play.

The £19,000 play area has been installed by Mid Sussex District Council and was officially unveiled by Councillor Pru Moore, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Sustainability and Councillor Dick Sweatman, Mayor of East Grinstead on Wednesday 14 October 2015.

The upgraded playground features a new climbing frame, monkey bars, a slide, balance beam and new swings. The play area has been completely resurfaced with bouncy material to provide children with softer landings and to improve safety.

The new playground lies on the Meridian Line, a geographical marker that runs from the North to South Pole and divides the world from East to West.

The Meridian has been incorporated into the new playground design, with different coloured flooring on either side so youngsters can see which side of the world they are on.

Children can slide down a fireman’s pole or climb a rope net in the Western Hemisphere then run over to play on the swings at the other side of the playground in the Eastern Hemisphere.

“This small and colourful new playground is perfect for young children,” said Councillor Pru Moore, Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet Member for Leisure and Sustainability. “The equipment is designed just for little ones, so they can feel safe playing in a secluded spot with mum and dad without having to worry about older children running around.

“We’ve used wooden frames so that the new playground fits in well with the woodland behind and the climbing frame has brightly coloured panels to make it exciting for young children. All the equipment is now open and ready to use so if you live locally and have young children please come on down and give it a try.”

For more information about playgrounds or parks in Mid Sussex, contact the Mid Sussex District Council Landscapes team on 01444 477439 or visit