New River development in Burgess Hill may change the townscape for ever

The New River Burgess Hill development project inches forward by the day. The sense of a project lost in space and time is palpable. Rather like the Chernobyl site in Ukraine. Winches, hoists and cranes: otherwise ghostly silence.

Sunday, 1st December 2019, 3:40 pm
St John's Church, Burgess Hill. Picture courtesy of Google Street View

But there is something moving in the undergrowth. New River has an application, number DM/19/3331, lodged with MSDC.

It seeks approval for an 11 storey apartment building consisting of 171 flats and 72 parking spaces.

This height would exceed the lofty St John’s Church steeple.

The one inspiring feature of the Burgess Hill town outline will be lost forever.

The parking facilities foreseen entail with certainty a great deal more street parking in a township at breaking point in terms of cars parked and cars on the move – or not as the case may be.

With the Lib Dems now better represented on MSDC can the citizens of Burgess Hill press them to ensure that the guidelines in respect of urban sustainable development are faithfully respected.

Richard Tudway

Sycamore Drive,

Burgess Hill