New skate park will bring ‘great joy to young people’

The final design for the skate park. Picture: Mid Sussex District Council
The final design for the skate park. Picture: Mid Sussex District Council

A new skate park in Haywards Heath will bring ‘great joy to young people’.

These are the words of councillor Gary Marsh, cabinet member for service delivery, at Mid Sussex District Council.

The council has revealed the final design for the skate park, which will be built in Victoria Park.

It has been designed by experts at Maverick Industries, a skater-run business that has installed some of the best skateparks in the country.

The council hosted a public consultation so skateboarders, BMX enthusiasts and scooter riders were able to have a say on the design.

Councillor Marsh said: “It is fantastic to see young people getting involved in their local community, talking with their council and having their say on the kind of facilities they would like to see.

“Teenagers were actively involved during our public consultation and their feedback has really helped to shape this final design.

“Their involvement has been crucial in the development of this new facility and gives local skaters exactly what they need.

“Modern recreation facilities are so important to the health and happiness of the younger generation.

“These designs are really exciting and I’m sure this new skate park will bring great joy to young people for years to come.”

The skate park will be made of concrete to ensure users have a ‘fast and perfectly smooth ride’ with plenty of flow lines to choose from, said council spokesman.

Its design features a mix of ramp and street elements, designed to ‘flow effortlessly together’ yet also function as three distinct ‘zones’.

At the entrance will be an open-plan ‘street’ area featuring a hipped bank with inset grind ledge.

The central zone will have a 6ft roll-in, leading to a unique, hipped box-jump, and a six ft quarter pipe extension.

There will also be a circuit around the main space utilising the street bank, the roller between the spine and box jump, and the corner pockets in the transitions, which gives the feel of a ‘bowl’-type setup.

The proposed design is suitable for all ages, abilities and disciplines, and can be shared safely by multiple users at any one time.