Ocean Brothers rowing the Atlantic ‘enjoying the journey’

Ocean Brothers Jude and Greg Bailey
Ocean Brothers Jude and Greg Bailey

Two brothers rowing the Atlantic Ocean in memory of their father who died from skin cancer are ‘doing really well’ – says the British Skin Foundation.

Greg Bailey, 27, and Jude Bailey, 18, started the epic challenge on January 15, and are expected to take ten to 12 weeks, depending on weather conditions. Read our original story here.

They set off from Gran Canaria to row 3,000 miles to Barbados, day and night, swapping for one-hour shifts, to raise money for The British Skin Foundation.

Despite a ‘very rough start’ due to bad weather combined with their water maker being broken the pair are ‘making really good progress’, the charity told the Middy.

“We received this update from Greg’s girlfriend Francesca Marzullo,” said spokesman Lisa Bickerstaffe.

“She told us the boys are doing really well. They are eating and drinking loads and are getting about four to five hours of sleep per night.

“They are progressing of about 60 nautical miles a day at a speed that ranges between 2.0 and 3.5 knots.

“They are making really good progress and their spirits are finally high – they are enjoying the journey.

“And although they are having to manually pump water, they are loving being immersed in nature.

“Emotionally, they are feeling very connected to their family and loved ones as well as really feeling all the love from everyone who is supporting them.”

Greg and Jude’s grandma, Anne Skinner, 70, who lives in Lindfield, previously told the Middy she was ‘very proud’ of her grandsons.

She also said Jude was the youngest person to take on the challenge.

The Weald Theatre Group in Haywards Heath has chosen the Ocean Brothers to be one of their chosen charities to benefit from the proceeds of panto Aladdin.