Old phone box that’s ‘haunted by a Victorian lady’

The K6 red telephone box that used to be sited at Monk's Gate, Horsham SUS-160429-130409001
The K6 red telephone box that used to be sited at Monk's Gate, Horsham SUS-160429-130409001

A warning is being sounded to potentional buyers of an iconic old red telephone box that they might get more than they bargained for.

For one woman maintains that the old phone kiosk - which once stood off the A281 at the junction of Nuthurst Road and Monk’s Gate, Horsham - is haunted.

Following a report this week announcing the sale of the telephone booth, a woman recalled childhood memories of her mother seeing a ghost in it.

Jenny Dizzy said: “This phone box is haunted. As a child I remember my mother in my nan’s house looked out of the bedroom window and saw a lady in Victoriana dress and a parasol walking, like hovering round from the main road, to the telephone box where a struggle ensued inside the telephone box.

“Mum screamed to dad to call the police as someone was being murdered in the phone box.

“As she said this she realised the lady had no face and rose through the telephone box into the air and vanished.

“As kids my cousins and I used to dare each other to look out the bedroom window at the telephone box and, when passing it at night in the car, we were so scared we couldn’t look at it.”

The phone box has been refurbished by a firm known as X2 Connect and is being offered for sale at £2,695, plus VAT and delivery - and possible ghost.

A spokesman for X2 Connect said: “Traditional red phone boxes have been used in various ways over the years from mini libraries to defibrillator storage units, but we don’t get too many reports of haunted kiosks!

Telephone kiosks were originally introduced in the early 1900s and are steeped in history. At X2 Connect, we’d love to hear if anyone else in the Horsham area has memories of a haunted phone box originally located at Monk’s Gate. Or indeed any other interesting phone box related stories. Tweet us @redphonekiosk.”