Campaign for Prawn Cocktail Wotsits?

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Do you remember Prawn Cocktail flavoured Wotsits?

No, me neither. However, they did exist once upon a time and there is now an online campaign to bring them back to the supermarket shelves.

The petition via has already gained thousands of signatures. We were talking about this recently on the breakfast show and it opened up a whole debate about which forgotten foods you would bring back if you could.

We were inundated with calls, texts and social media messages with people reminiscing about their favourite foods that have sadly since been discontinued.

For example, when was the last time you unwrapped a Rowntree’s Cabana chocolate bar? The popular sweet treat contained caramel, cherry and coconut pieces but was sadly removed from the shelves back in the early 1990’s.

Slightly more mature readers may also remember Pacers – the minty chews that looked a bit like white Opal Fruits – sorry Starburst – and Spangles, the mixed boiled sweets. On a savoury note, how about the Heinz Baked Beans pizza?

Yes, such a product really did exist for a short time. However, surely that’s quite an easy dish to recreate yourself – although, why you would want to, I have no idea!

Another popular suggestion was Jamie Oliver’s mealtime favourite ‘Turkey Twizzlers’. Regardless of what you think of a product that only contained approximately 34 per cent turkey, I can’t help but feel that Jamie Oliver has taken a bit of the fun out of school dinners. Although considering my own questionable diet, I’m probably not best person to be giving advice.

I even took this discussion home with me after the show and my wife reminded me of another food that is no longer available - Polo Holes. Exactly what they said they were, basically the missing hole from the popular brand of mints.

Apparently, they were sold alongside the original product, in a separate compartment. Well I guess they had to go somewhere?

Anyway, enough reminiscing from me. I’m off now to enjoy a Birds Eye Chicken en Croute, with a side of Purple Ketchup followed by Vanilla Ice Cream Monster Munch for dessert.