Children have waited too long for completion of Woodlands Meed School

It is heartening to read in the recent Mid Sussex Times article, '˜Full steam ahead' for Woodlands Meed college building plans, of Councillor Richard Burrett's clear verbal commitment to Woodlands Meed School completion.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 4:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 2:53 am

The supportive and consistent position of Councillor Anne Jones is also of great importance in achieving this goal. However, actions speak louder than words.

Students, parents and families have been campaigning for several years to bring about Woodlands Meed School completion. The building of permanent facilities is essential for adequate accommodation of student needs. Apparent slippage of a completion date, to September 2021, is therefore extremely concerning.

After such a long wait, children and students will not access the facilities they need for a further year. Another complete intake of students, that will already have left Woodlands Meed School by September 2021, will have been entirely denied the proper accommodation so important for their education, development and lives.

As Councillor Burrett correctly points out, I appreciate that the completion project must go through a defined legal process. This, though, is not something new nor unexpected. The formalities of the process could presumably have already been initiated, dealt with and set aside had they been addressed at an earlier stage?

In any case, while the process must be finalised in a thorough, correct manner, I cannot imagine that this would be any more than formality. There can be no objection, least of all procedural or legal, to completion of Woodlands Meed School. The provision of facilities prerequisite for the achievement of full potential by children, dealt a far less fortunate deal in life than the rest of us, is our basic obligation as fellow human beings.

As I am sure you will agree, too much transparency in governmental matters such as the project to Complete Woodlands Meed school is not possible. Perhaps you could join me in requesting Councillor Burrett and West Sussex County Council to ensure that the Complete Woodlands Meed School campaign is informed, without delay, of any future, potential developments or issues that might arise and which could jeopardise September 2021 completion? You will appreciate that supporters of the campaign, such as myself, will want to fully understand reason and background to any threat to school completion. I request full and immediate information in order to be able to join forces with West Sussex County Council and help overcome any potential problems as soon as they become apparent and before they lead to further delay.

Dr Jonathan Butler