COLUMN: Paul Milton

Artist Paul Milton Copyright 2015 (c) SUS-150723-175521001
Artist Paul Milton Copyright 2015 (c) SUS-150723-175521001

This piece is about how I was bullied in the past. I thought about how I would start this piece, how would I openly talk about my bullying, and what had happened to me, how do you start a piece of writing like this on this subject without ironically making it sound too negative and then would anyone want to read about my bullying experiences and what I went through?

Through secondary school I went through a lot despite it being so many years after the memories of what happened are still just as fresh as though it could of happened yesterday even down to what the teacher was wearing “a green jumper, grey trousers, and black balding grey black hair” after many years I can still remember being in the middle court yard having my bag ripped open and my books chucked everywhere and all the teacher said was “well pick it up”.

My bullying experiences go back as far as primary school I have some good memories from primary school in primary school it wasn’t so bad but what was surprising was for a former teacher a few years after I left asked my mum

“How’s Paul is he still thick as ever?” “My mum replied with pride he has a degree now!” My mum must have felt so upset that the child she brought into the world perfect in her eyes was treated like that.

In secondary school my bullying was a mixture I had physical punches and verbal slurs and even delightful death threats to deal with on a regular basis a good hearty diet there was about four or five bullies on daily basis. The bullying wasn’t just from students but was also from teachers belittling me. Throughout my teenage years I was called “stupid and thick and wouldn’t amount to much”.

I recently went back to my old school and actually I left the school with a nice memory a memory of inspiration and kindness and meeting a nice art teacher who still had heart and soul.I survived by mostly running and hiding behind the white staircase it was a good place to hide the toilets you would of thought but too obvious I went for the cloak rooms down the main hallway they were quiet and you could hide at the back with no one being able to find you.

The other good hiding spot was the library the bullies couldn’t run in there.

The medical room was also a good hiding spot to the point where I became good friends with the nurse who felt like family by the time I left. Nice lady.

The bully eventually got excluded from the school but that still didn’t stop the bullying there are other events and incidents but still too raw and painful to account.

Despite all that it has left its mark on me I will never forget what happened to me and I still to this day I don’t know why I was bullied and why nothing was done.

When I was being bullied I went through some really dark moments the places where no person should go the only good thing to come from this all is that I am stronger person and more of an independent person.

I apologies if this piece is a bit dark and to graphic or too to the point but this is what happened to me this is my bullying past and what I went through this is me.

This is the first time I have spoken openly about my severe bullying past as anti-bullying week is coming up I thought I should break my silence “Stand up and be proud of who you are and take no notice of the haters and fake people and stand up against bullying any sort of bullying is not acceptable!

Anti-Bullying Week is from November 16 to November 20.