I had a really exciting week including a trip to London

Hi kids. MY WEEK has been really exciting.

Wednesday, 12th June 2013, 3:25 pm

It’s summer time, and the sunshine has made me want to play outside every day!

On Monday I went for a walk with my Mum and Dad in the countryside. Whilst we were out, we saw that there were rowing boats you could hire down by river. Dad paid the man in charge of the boats some money, and the man gave my Dad huge oars to row the boat along. I asked If I could have a go at rowing the boat. He warned me that it can be a bit tricky and the oars were really heavy. He was right! Rowing was tough work so I only did it for a minute, then I was in charge of steering instead. My Mum said I did a great job for such a small captain!

On Tuesday, my friend Hedgy and me were playing in my garden when we found a group of snails resting on a lettuce plant. He suggested that we try making them race as he had seen people doing it on TV. We made a race track for them out of leaves from one side of the path to the other. Hedgy called out on your marks, get set, GO! And then they were off...but very slowly. They moved so slowly we weren’t sure if they were racing at all! It took 15 minutes for my snail to cross the path, but I think Hedgy’s fell asleep! We placed them gently back on the lettuce we had found them on. I don’t think racing snails is a very good idea-it takes too long!

Wednesday was a very exciting day. Mum took me on a day-trip to London. We went to the zoo, and I saw a giant elephant and a lion. I even got a chance to help feed some of the small monkeys in the monkey enclosure.

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