I’m going to be the strongest footballer, Chipsters!

DID YOU have a Chipper-tastic week? I sure have!

Thursday, 7th March 2013, 12:39 pm
JPNS Chipper in his new office pic 4

The sun is out so I can play football again. I really enjoy playing sports, football is my favourite sport.

My mum bought me a football for my birthday, so I was really happy.

I played football with all my friends at the park and even in school at lunch time.

At school, we had sports day, where we play every sport you can think of. It was so much fun. This week, my teacher told me to eat all my vegetables for dinner and never throw it away because it’s good for you. My teacher said that if I wanted to be the best sports person in the world, I need to eat all my vegetables and it will make me amazing.

So when I came home that day, I had lots of salad, and lots of spinach so mum was really happy with me.

This week, I saw a plane fly over my house, it was going so fast. So I made myself wings out of cardboard and jumped everywhere pretending I could fly. When I get a real plane, it’s going to be blue and really big. Tell me what your favourite sport is or what you want to be when you are older – or draw me a funny picture of you with wings and I will print the funniest on my page!

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