Do what you love, because you’ll never work a day in your life.

Lydia Wilkins
Lydia Wilkins

I’m at the Hammersmith Odeon, London; it’s a Sunday, early November. And I’m here for reporting duties, at the impending concert.

If you’ve met me, you’ll know that I love music; be it pop, rock, or even a little Indie. It is something that always makes me feel safe. Music is comforting. And I always love to try and decipher what the lyrical content means. (Although it’s sometimes hard to do-As with the case of Bohemian Rhapsody.) But I don’t listen to chart music-I wouldn’t identify with it, anyway. But I digress..

Queen Extravaganza are the official tribute band for Queen. Hand selected by the two remaining members, Hammersmith Odeon was their last concert date recently. It has been over forty since A Night At The Opera came into being-the Queen album with songs such as I’m In Love With My Car, “Bo Rhap”, and Love Of My Life. They’d be bringing it to the UK. Why would I resist being given the chance to see them love?!

I was on the guest list, with a ‘plus one’, to review the show.

If you ask me now, my ultimate aspiration is to be a music Journalist. There’s so much happening, and it deserves to be documented- these unique blends of voices that have so many stories to tell. Besides, it’s all I’m good at: I’m not mathematically inclined, not by a mile. I can’t cook, dance, etc.

Rock is what I love best of all; the era of people such as Alison Moyet, Genesis, and Carly Simon. Music in this sense is timeless. We still sing songs from these years, don’t we?

Queen Extravaganza play the whole album through, replicating it as close to the studio version as possible. There’s even looped voices when performing the Magnum Opus of The Prophets Song. But the audience are fluent with these songs of years ago-they sing it back, in time, word perfect. This is event in Love Of My Life. As an Aspergic person, I guess I am the contradiction: the girl who hated loud, sudden noises, yet manages to watch, even observe, a rock homage.

Hammersmith Odeon is known for all its previous performers-people such as Queen and Bruce Springsteen amongst them. The acoustics are beautiful-seemingly flung around the venue, meaning that everyone can hear. Everyone enjoys it. And above all, it sounds utterly fabulous. Sublime, even. And well suited to We Will Rock You.

People are contradictions; this showed me that, greater than ever before. We all makes mistakes. But it’s doing what you love that counts. I haven’t worked before-because writing is not a chore to me. Neither is attending a concert. This is a privilege-but a great thing to earn. It may not be possible for every one of us, but I encourage you to try your best. Aspire to your ambitions. Work hard. And never give up.

Thank you to promoter to Nathan Stone for letting me review this show.

Currently I’m Reading: Historic Conversations. And I’m Listening To: Lissie-Live At Union Chapel. But I cannot wait for A 4 APP By Anastasia!