Flux and the state of being in it

Scribbles from my notebook by Lydia Wilkins SUS-170822-073007001
Scribbles from my notebook by Lydia Wilkins SUS-170822-073007001

On Missing College.

For a little while now, I’ve been in a sort of transit; no longer a student, yet without my results (as I write this), trying to find a job, waiting to start my new course in September… And, if I’m completely honest, I do miss some elements of being at college; the fact that I had a routine, got to see my friends daily, the laughter. (Virtually everyone I know is now going off to University.) Therefore I thought it apt to share a few of my favourite moments:

Creating ‘The Politics Book’.

This was brainstormed as an idea between another student and I; there were several jokes etc between the class and the politics lecturer all year. (Hello if you’re reading this!) But what do you do? You stick these ‘isms’ in a book! Anyway, from about March-although the idea was bought to life in about January-several quotes were added, as well as cake recipes, messages, JFK pictures (long story) and some photos. (They were mostly taken in a very cloak-and-dagger style.) And it did take some bribes to get it done, but it was so worth the while.

2. Communist Cats.

Taking A Level history crossed over a lot with current world events; what made it even better? Communist cats! (If you’d like to see a visual, go on Google Images to see what I mean.) These were discovered whilst researching the American South during the Civil War-although the link is very tenuous-but made for a study aid later on. (Some information I retrieved from by Brian during the exam was thanks to this-although I would not recommend it as a study method.)

3. Sylvia Plath.

I still ask myself now; why did you not take English literature?! Sylvia Plath is my favourite poet, as I like the sound and rhythm of her poetry; I was so envious when I discovered that I wouldn’t be studying her work. (I took combined English; she was part of the literature topics.) During the last English lesson, my lecturer presented me with an edition of Arieal, my favourite of all her volumes; but I had the restored version of the same book for her!

4. The historians affliction.

According to a lecturer in the first year, this is what happens when you take History for A Level; there were two different scenarios-which I call the ‘historians affliction’-where, for example at a dinner party, you could be asked about any sort of historical event under the sun. (This was described to us in a very self-deprecating style, probably in the first or second history lesson in the first year.)

5. US election.

For politics students, these past two years have been stuffed for events to reference for the past two years. This was one of my favourite moments, as it was the first presidential election I had been old enough to remember, as well as discuss, read about, etc. Debate over the candidates was fierce-as well as the actual debates, potential policy, etc.

6. Baking.

I’m not much of a baker-well, I wasn’t this time last year-but a relative had challenged me to bake them a Victoria’s sponge for Christmas; seems easy, right? This had me nervous; cakes are so easy to mess up! As a ‘test run’, I baked a Victoria’s sponge for the last day prior to the Christmas holiday, and left it in the Politics room for that lesson. It sort of gradually evolved from there-in that there were requests, be it for jokes, a type of cake, etc. (I would get teased a bit if there wasn’t cake-and also because I *spectacularly* dropped one, therefore breaking the plate, on the way to the college.) It’s funny now-I assumed that my classmates were just being very kind-but I really do miss ‘the weekly bake’-although I did complain a lot.

7. Cookies.

The canteen at the college I attended would bake daily possibly the best cookies I have ever tasted; timed right, you could buy three of these tiny things whilst still warm. They would form part of some lunch time conversations, readying ourselves to be in the queue waiting.

Lets see what September brings-

This month I’ve read: The Cows by Dawn O’porter (a little bit risqué, but very funny). I’ve listened to: Under Stars by Amy MacDonald. (My favourite song on the album is ‘The Contender’.)