What next?

Lydia Wilkins
Lydia Wilkins

This is a question that I have been asked a lot recently; teachers, parents, relatives, friends, bloggers, etc have all asked me it at some point in conversation.

As I haven’t written a column for a little while-life gets in the way, such as with Exams and Revision-I thought it would be best to answer.

As to the actual question itself; I guess it means about leaving college, what next in terms of further education. (By contrast, other Bloggers who ask me this are asking me about my blog, as I have a plan, albeit vaguely, to try and turn it into some sort of business.) I also think it needs answering in this column, as I am no longer a student, and this column needs a little bit of a ‘rebrand’.

My main ambition is to become a Journalist; basically, anything based around words is all that I am good at. I wasn’t good with numbers, as I could not grasp the theoretical concepts; neither did I necessarily understand Science, and would become very confused with creating reactions. Besides, I like to be creative; I love to write poetry, letters, blog posts, etc.

Journalists are people who I look up to; for all the stereotypes they have, I think that they do such an incredible thing! The job seems almost multi-faceted to me; they find stories to hold people in positions of power to account, they arrange interviews (something I particularly love doing!) , and much more. They are some of my (many) heroes; people like Lesley Ann Jones and Polly Vernon.

I’ll be doing my training for this career over the next year, as well as working alongside, hopefully; there isn’t a lot I can write about it now, so I’ll leave that for another column.

As to my blog; I’ll be relaunching that on the first of August. I post daily, documenting my lifestyle as someone with Aspergers Syndrome. It’s something I'm very excited for; there’s a few interviews, poetry, essays, and more. My blog is something that I am very proud of; as my ‘little space on the internet’, that has been running for almost five years now, it has allowed me to achieve far more than I could imagine. I also have some projects that interplay with this; pen paling, a comment swap, with hopefully more to come!

Finally, I am hoping to launch a small business venture; currently, I am researching it fully, so I can create a proper business model. As I have already stated, and what you probably may have guessed if you have read past columns, is that I am very passionate about writing. So, something along those lines; it just need to be fully researched.

As to this column; I’m not really a student any more, meaning that it’s not something I can really write about, contrary to what I said in the first version of this. I’ll be studying further in September, but not at a university or a college; hopefully to get a qualification in Journalism. I’ll see you next month.

Currently I’m reading: Look Into My Eyes By Dan Jones. And I’m listening to: Golden Days by Brian May and Kerry Ellis.