Whilst you’re moving on, don’t forget your family.

Scribbles from Lydia Wilkins' notebook
Scribbles from Lydia Wilkins' notebook

As a college student, and in my last term, no less, everything seems to be coming together; I’m finally on my way to the career I’d like, I have signed all the relevant forms, documents, etc, and the final exams are soon.

Days are spent in lessons, finishing courses; teachers are constantly reminding us that we should be revising. We are given talks about university, maybe even doing an apprenticeship. (And, to be honest, this is daunting, and at times, it really does scare me. I’m desperate to finish everything, keep to my deadlines, and to cram into my brain.)

But I was reminded of something recently.

Offered Press Tickets (almost last minute), I was lucky enough to see Emeli Sande live recently. (I was really excited!) But in the hubbub of everything-if you could call it that-everyone my age that I knew was busy, either at work or with a quiet night in revising, maybe with Netflix as a treat, or an incentive. (Just as an aside-if any lecturer is reading this-I promise that I am doing the same! It just may be more on a train, than at home….) And I was equipped with a ‘plus one’, meaning that I could take somebody with me. (Because why go to a concert alone? In my view, they are social outings, and you need company to fully enjoy them.) To be invited to such a prestigious artist was also a huge gain to me-it just seemed to be proof that I’m doing something right.

I ended up going with my grandmother. And although some things went wrong-a slight delay in performance, what seemed to be sound issues, and something ostensibly wrong with a few tickets-I did enjoy myself, in spite of the fact it was a college night. (Really not advisable!) Emeli sings really well-and I was quite surprised at the amount of power behind her voice. (And it’s angelic, almost.) I love how she is coming back with an edge, such as with ‘Hurts’, yet new and old material is mixed together. I am also grateful that I was asked-it was unexpected.

But I’m reminded that, whilst we are moving on, ready to go out into the world, don’t forget your family. These are the people that support us, who love and cherish us. This stage is daunting-and it makes me nervous at times. To be a music Journalist, maybe even a lifestyle Columnist, is my dream. (Although, then again, I am sort of already doing that.) But without them, I know I would not have achieved what I have.

Long Live The Angels is out now.

This month I’ve read: The Cows by Dawn O’Porter. (What a brilliant book.) And I’m listening to: A 4 App by Anastacia.