'˜Over the top' planning application to build 51 homes is approved

A controversial planning application to remove a cottage and build 51 homes in Haywards Heath has been approved.

Friday, 9th December 2016, 12:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:56 pm
The controversial planning application was approved on Wednesday (December 7)

The outline application is to remove Barn Cottage in Lewes Road, Scaynes Hill, to make way for the homes, with 30 per cent affordable.

The plan was approved on Wednesday (December 7) at a Mid Sussex Planning Committee meeting.

Ten councillors voted in favour of the plan out of twelve.

Andy Spooner, vice-chairman of Lindfield Parish Council, said he was ‘dissapointed the application had been recommended’.

He said: “The development will increase pollution and congestion and will see building on a green field adjacent to ancient woodland, with species.

“None of these reasons can be sustainable and I strongly reject the application.”

Steven Bentley, of Hill Crest Lane, said he he will be ‘directly affected by the development’.

He said: “Today I am faced with overshading, visual and noise issues and myself, home and family will be directly impacted by this development and this alleged development does not outweigh that.”

Concerns over the proposal included loss of wildlife, lack of amenities and infrastructure in the vilage and increase in traffic on the A272.

Cllr Margaret Hersey said the proposal was ‘not 100 per cent sustainable’.

She said: “This is over the top and is an over-development, if half of the houses were proposed – this would be acceptable.

“The design is totally wrong and the dual-carriageway is very dangerous – I certainly can’t support all these houses.”

Cllr Christopher Hersey reiterated the ‘unsustainability’ and said the application ‘should be refused’.

He added: “There is great concern and we shouldn’t be entertaining it.

“The turn-right idea for motorists is a disaster – there is only a small shop in the petrol station, one school and no doctors.”

Cllr Ginny Heard also agreed that the right-hand turn was not suitable.

She said: “I use that road everyday and I have no idea how drivers will be able to turn right - cars shoot so fast up that road.”

Despite concerns, the planning officer said the type of development was ‘acceptable for the type of village it is’, despite limited access to shops and local amenities.

Cllr Colin Trumble, said due to there being no objection from Highways England, the planning application ‘could not be turned down’.

Kerry Jones, who has lived in Scaines Hill for 35 years, said the development would ‘bring affordable housing to the village’.

She said: “The average price for a house in Scaines Hill is £371,000, which means more than £40,000 is needed for a deposit and young people will have to pay an expensive mortage for 40 years.

“How many 25 to 30-year-olds earn enough money to afford this – we need to build more homes and provide affordable homes.”

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