A South Downs charity has recruited it’s latest team member... and it’s a horse

Riding for the Disabled's newest recruit XmfxkYc0Q2X4rwK_Bzxg
Riding for the Disabled's newest recruit XmfxkYc0Q2X4rwK_Bzxg

A disability group based in the South Downs has announced its latest team member... and it’s not who you’d expect.

South Downs Riding for the Disabled (RDA) group has revealed Toffee, a Connemara pony, is now a full time member of their team.

Having worked with him for almost a year the group knew what a first class RDA pony he is and when they heard that his owners wanted to sell him, they could not bear to lose Toffee, and had to take action.

The group is drawing up a plan of action to fund his keep and as they currently only use him one day per week are looking for someone else to benefit from his wonderful nature through a loan agreement.

Toffee is 14.2 hands high, with a kind nature, and would be ideal for gentle hacking or as a starter pony, working from Albourne Equestrian Centre where he is homed.

South Downs RDA group are based at Albourne Equestrian Centre, Melrose Farm, Albourne.

Their volunteers, horses and ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities of all ages and from all backgrounds. They hope to create a sense of increased confidence and above all, a feeling of having a good time.

The charity is reliant on volunteers and entirely self funded. For more or to sponsor Toffee, email info@southdownsrda.org or visit www.southdownsrda.org.