Animal hero Delia is official pet of Burgess Hill vet clinic

Ruth with Delia SUS-151007-095656003
Ruth with Delia SUS-151007-095656003

A veterinary clinic has announced its new official pet, following a competition to find a local animal hero.

Burgess Hill’s Health Veterinary Clinic invited members of the community to nominate an animal who has done something brave for its family, survived a tough time, or helped its owner through a difficult time in their life.

Labradoodle Delia has been announced as the winner.

She is the canine partner of Ruth Rice, who suffers from a neurological auto -immune condition which frequently leaves her unable to move, speak or even open her eyes when she wakes up.

Delia was trained by Canine Partners, and helps Ruth to wake up, do household tasks and get to the shops.

Ruth said: “Not only has Delia dramatically changed our lives, she seems to instinctively understand what I need, even when I’ve lost the power of speech.”

“I feel so much more confident and content with my four legged helper by my side.”

Emily Chadburn, senior veterinary surgeon at Burgess Hill’s Health Veterinary Clinic, said: “We are thrilled with the success of our competition which has enabled us to find such a deserving animal hero as Delia.”

“Congratulations to Delia - and to Ruth too, of course!”