Balcombe green power community group celebrates success


REPOWERBalcombe and the Mid Sussex Green Party will celebrated the second anniversary of the start of the fracking protests tomorrow (July 25).

The event, from 11am at REPORERBalcombe’s solar panel working farm at Grange Farm, Crawley Down, will mark the village’s inspirational response to the threat of fracking to their community since the fracking protests in 2013.

REPOWERBalcombe is a co-operative social enterprise run by the community for the good of the community.

The event tomorrow is a chance to visit the farm and we ask people to be respectful of the people who live here and to remember this is not a protest event, more of a positive look to the future.

Therefore this is an invite to Green Party members and supporters only.

The visit should take about 30 minutes and fresh apple juice can be purchased at the farm shop.

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