Burgess Hill car parts business forced to close after 47 years

VKM Motor Accessories in Burgess Hill. Picture: Google Streetview
VKM Motor Accessories in Burgess Hill. Picture: Google Streetview

A Burgess Hill car parts business who has served the town for 47 years has been forced to close.

VKM Motor Accessories Ltd in Station Road, will close its doors to the public at the end of the day today (January 15).

Owner Mick Snuggs, 65, who lives in the town, had to make the difficult decision to shut down the business, due to low footfall.

“I would like to say thank you to our customers over these years. and people who have come back to us time after time,” he told the Middy.

“It has not been our choice and is down to lack of business unfortunately.

“Five years ago it started to go downhill, but the last two years have been hard, which have been the final straw.

“It is a sign of the times, and is due to the internet and new cars.

“New cars are so complex, no one can work on them really, so the business has deaccelerated.

“It is the way things have gone unfortunatley, there are lot like us that are having to closing down.”

The 65-year-old told the Middy the store’s last day of business has been ‘hectic’.

“We have been very hectic over the last six weeks as we have been offering silly cheap prices before we close,” he said.

Mick said he and staff have had a ‘great time’ over the years.

“We have had lots of regular customers, which has been really nice,” he said.

“Customers of over 40 years have been coming in. Some have come in, in tears about us closing, we are very thankful to them, they are friends to us.

“We have had families come in over generations, some who say their grandad reccommended us to them, and then its their great grandad.

“It is not ideal for us to close, I thought I would get a few more years, but I am not going to retire just yet.

“We have got a lot of stuff to sell on Ebay which will take about six months so we are going to be busy with that. Then we will see after that.”

The car parts store has five members of staff who have worked there for decades.

Its newest member has worked there for 20 years, and longest for 30 years or more.

Mick said the decision to close ‘came as no surprise’ to them.

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