COUNTY NEWS: Top tips on what to do when experiencing a power cut

UK Power Networks has given top tips on what to do
UK Power Networks has given top tips on what to do

UK Power Networks has given top tops on what residents should do when they experience a power cut.

These come after a number of homes were left with out power last night in Burgess Hill, due to an electrical substation explosion. Read our story here.

The distribution network operator for electricity covering the South East, said it had organised for ‘additional staff’ in its contact centre and ‘more engineers on the ground’, to be available.

A spokesman said: “You may be aware that the current cold spell of icy winds and snow may bring ‘freezing rain’.

“Freezing rain is a very rare weather phenomenon and occurs when very cold rain freezes immediately on landing.

“Our electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can damage overhead power lines, resulting in some customers losing their electricity supply.

“Where this happens we work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, and we have organised for additional staff in our contact centre and more engineers on the ground to be available to help customers whose electricity supply might be affected by the cold weather.

“Anyone experiencing a power cut should:

Call 105 to report power cuts and damage to the electricity network, or 0800 3163 105 (from a corded phone or mobile phone if you have no power)

Visit for the latest updates

Visit and type in their postcode to view our live power cut map

Tweet @ukpowernetworks to report a power cuts or to receive updates.

“We advise people to stay clear of power lines and report damaged power lines immediately by calling 105 free from either a landline or a mobile phone.

“If they see electricity lines that are down or causing significant risk to the public they should call 999.

“We provide extra help to customers on our Priority Service Register during a power cut.

“Households with older or disabled people, those with children under five, or where someone uses medical or mobility equipment that requires electricity as well as other reasons can join the register.

“You can find out more information about our Priority Service on our website:”