Cuckfield golf club reveals expansion plans

Cuckfield Golf Centre is expanding to improve its facilities for golfers and the general public.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 12:30 pm
Niki Smyth and Emma Fairbank. Photo by Steve Robards

This week, Niki Smyth, director at the golf club in Staplefield Road, said she and her parents, who own the club, want to see the business ‘thrive’.

“We want to see this club thrive, not close down,” she said, adding: “At the moment we have this lovely marquee and our plans are to expand and improve our facilities to provide better facilities for our golfers and also for the general public.”

Improvement plans include increasing the size of the golf club’s kitchen for staff and customers, Niki said.

Niki Smyth and Emma Fairbank. Photo by Steve Robards

She added: “We are trying to create a parkland golf course with wild grass, over 200 trees planted, bracken and brambles cleared, making space for bluebells.

“Greylag geese have now landed and have produced goslings, not to mention lots of other wildlife.

“Our facilities as they stand at the moment are not large enough or suitable for what we do and we would like to improve them.

“We are moving our changing room downstairs so that we can provide shower facilities and access from the course.”

Cuckfield Golf Centre. Photo by Steve Robards

The golf club currently has 250 members, and is growing, Niki said.

It holds private events, functions, charity events, and golfing events. It is open to the whole of the community.

“Everyone is welcome,” said Niki, adding: “It is a family and community club for golfers, walkers and people who enjoy one of the best views in Sussex.”