Dog undergoes emergency op after swallowing a corn cob

A dog had to undergo emergency surgery after he was rescued by the RSPCA with a corn cob lodged in his stomach.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 3:32 pm

Bruce - a large rare-breed Sussex bulldog - was rushed to the Horsham-based charity’s Harmsworth Animal Hospital where vets removed the cob from his intestines while also widening his nostrils to help him breathe.

Now Bruce has recovered well - and is looking for a loving new home.

RSPCA behaviour welfare advisor Kate MacNeill said: “Bruce has been through the wars recently but, now, is thankfully feeling much better and is ready for a new start.

Bruce is being looked after by the RSPCA but needs a new home
Bruce is being looked after by the RSPCA but needs a new home

“He ended up in our care when his owners were unable to afford emergency treatment when he swallowed a corn cob which caused a blockage and had to be removed from his stomach.

“Vets also widened his nasal passages to help him breathe more easily. Sadly, this procedure is commonly being carried out to help brachycephalic or flat-faced breeds such as bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs.”

Bruce was underweight when he first arrived so staff have been trying to build up his weight and are looking for owners who can continue to ensure he maintains the correct weight.

Vets also discovered that he has a heart murmur which will require regular check-ups and may incur medication costs in the future.

The RSPCA says Bruce is looking for experienced owners who have kept large mastiff-type breeds previously. Staff would like him to go to an adult-only home, but say he may be able to live with confident, dog-savvy children of secondary school age.

He does, however, they say, need to be the only pet in his new home and advise that new owners should keep him on the lead when out walking. Although he is generally good with most dogs he can sometimes be unsure or wary of individuals which, they say, may be as a result of his docked tail making it harder for him to communicate through body language.

“Bruce absolutely loves toys and enjoys playing so we’d like him to go to a home with a large, secure garden for him to play in,” Kate added. “Sometimes he forgets his size and bounces around so can knock you over if you’re not careful! He can be strong on the lead so needs someone who will be able to manage him and help him learn not to pull on the lead.

“He’s a clever lad and knows some basic commands, and he’ll really benefit from further training. He’d like someone who is initially going to be home for most of the time before gradually teaching him that it’s okay to be home alone.

“Bruce is a really lovely lad, he loves a fuss and enjoys curling up on the sofa for cuddles. He thinks he’s a lap dog and likes to forget that he’s 50kg! He’ll make such a wonderful addition to a home and we really hope we find him the paw-fect home soon.”

Find out more about Bruce on his online profile or contact RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey on 0300 123 0740 or [email protected]

People can help the RSPCA to continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs like Bruce by visiting to donate.