Father hit with parking fine while picking up KFC in Haywards Heath warns others

A father was left feeling ‘hard done by’ when he was handed a parking fine while picking up a KFC in Haywards Heath.

John Garner, 33, who lives in Bolnore Village, was feeling worse for wear on December 14, and was hoping the fried chicken would be the perfect remedy.

KFC in South Road, Haywards Heath. Photo by Derek Martin

KFC in South Road, Haywards Heath. Photo by Derek Martin

He parked outside the fast food restaurant in South Road, which he said he had done a number of times, but was handed a £70 fine.

The logistics manager said he now wants to warn others as he said there are no signs telling you that you cannot park there.

He told the Middy: “I stopped there on a Friday evening and parked right outside – there is a huge parking space outside.

“I was in KFC for about five or six minutes or so. When I came outside a traffic warden handed me the fine.

I just feel a bit hard done by – it was the most expensive KFC I’ve ever had.

John Garner

“The fine said I was parked in a loading bay but there are no signs at all telling you that you can’t park there. A woman came in just behind me and she didn’t get a ticket.

“I just feel a bit hard done by – it was the most expensive KFC I’ve ever had. I just want to warn other people as there are no signs.”

John, who has a four-year-old son, said he was given the option of paying a reduced rate of £35 if he paid the fine in the first two weeks.

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He tried appealing the fine but was unsuccessful. “I decided to just pay it in the end because I didn’t want to pay £70,” he said.

“I also queried the fine with the council for their definition on loading but they don’t have one – which means any vehicle there will be ticketed as they cannot provide a definition.”

John, who works at Westbourne Motors in Hickstead, said a big sign was needed to put people off parking there. “If there was a big sign saying do not park, people wouldn’t do it,” he said.

“If I have parked in the wrong place then fair play – but a sign needs to be put up to warn people.

“I think traffic wardens are ticketing day and night despite there being no times displayed or even any warnings of a ticket.

“People need to know to not park there to stop the council charging people for this.”

Councillor Gary Marsh, cabinet member for service delivery, said: “Our civil enforcement officer observed a car parked in a loading bay outside KFC in Haywards Heath for five minutes with no sign of any loading activity taking place.

“A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) was issued for this offence and was handed to the driver, who had returned to his vehicle after the notice was served.

“The loading bay is clearly marked both on the highway and by signage displayed on the pavement.

“As set out in the Highway Code, when no times are displayed on a loading bay sign then the restrictions apply at all times.

“Our legal order which supports this parking restriction states there is an exemption only for vehicles engaged in delivery and collection.

“If vehicles are observed to be loading as indicated in the legal order they will not be issued a PCN.

“The driver of the vehicle challenged the issue of a PCN but did not provide any evidence of loading, unloading or mitigating circumstances of any kind as to why his car was parked in the loading bay.”