Hassocks grandmother takes on wing walk for charity

A daring 80 year old has taken on a charity wing walk.

Grandmother Rosaleen Bartlett, from Hassocks, was sponsored by live-in care provider Promedica24 as she took to the skies.

Along with her daughter Debbie and eight other ladies, Rosaleen took on the wing walk to raise funds for Safe in Sussex and Kangaroos.

A total of more than £11,000 was raised by the wing walk.

Rosaleen said: “I’m not sure what my motivation was, but perhaps I missed out in my childhood.

“It didn’t require courage at all – all you have to do is just stand there, floating around and looking at everything below.

“You are harnessed so you can wave your arms and legs. It was absolutely magical!”

Promedica24 were made aware of the wing walk by Debbie, who was attending an event with the live-in care provider, and were pleased to donate £400 .

Lesley Cruickshank-Robb, Promedica24 regional partner for Brighton and Mid Sussex, said: “We always aim to go the extra mile for those we care for and this was something I was very keen for us to get involved with.

“Most people would be scared or apprehensive but not Rosaleen, who faced the challenge head on and was so determined to go on an adventure.

“We are very thrilled to have given Rosaleen the opportunity to take part in something so wonderful inspired by such a noble cause.

“It was certainly an unforgettable day to everyone involved.”

Promedica24 provides live-in care in people’s own homes, as an alternative to residential care.

Promedica24 is Europe’s largest provider of live-in care and delivers care across all regions of the UKFor more information about live-in care services in the Brighton, Hove and Mid Sussex area, call Lesley on 01243 257017.

Alternatively, visit the website www.promedica24.co.uk/partner/care-companionship-in-brighton-mid-sussex.

Wing walking has its origins dating back to the 1920s, when daredevils performed aerial stunts in barnstorming shows.

It later started being adopted by members of the Army Air Corps, now known as the U.S. Air Force, for air-to-air refuelling and it is now offered as an unique experience to those who are hungry for adventures.