Haywards Heath father’s battle and frustration with ‘nightmare’ house two years on

A Haywards Heath father who bought a brand new home that turned into a ‘nightmare’ said he and his family are still facing issues two years on.

Ashley Mills, 48, complained to the Middy in 2017, about his new-build property in Western Road, which he bought in 2015.

Ashley Mills outside his home with his son Elliot. Photo by Steve Robards

Ashley Mills outside his home with his son Elliot. Photo by Steve Robards

He said he and his family had been battling damp and other problems since day one – describing it as a ‘nightmare’.

He said the developer had paid visits along with the National House Building Council (NHBC), and repairs had been made, however he said he was not reassured it had resolved the problem.

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This week, the 48-year-old, who runs a renewables company, said: “The whole thing has been so frustrating.

Photo supplied by Ashley Mills

Photo supplied by Ashley Mills

“In the first two years we started getting mould and damp and it just got worse and worse. The builders came in and managed to get rid of the symptoms, but they didn’t say what the underlying problem was.

“We are still having problems now and I want a proper investigation into what the underlying problem is. I think NHBC should be held accountable for this, for the lack of investigation.”

Ashley, who lives with his wife Pauline, 46, and two children, aged 18 and 16, said when it rains he fears water will come into the house. “If I wanted a house filled with water I would have bought a swimming pool,” he said.

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“It is always in the back of my mind. I am not a builder but I believe there could be an underlying problem – and no-one has told me what it is.

“I would like a proper investigation and I would like someone to write me a report about what the problem was with my house and what has been done to alleviate it.”

Ashley said he urged other new home buyers to make sure they get a full structural survey.

An NHBC spokesman said: “NHBC has been helping this homeowner under our Resolution service and after arranging for the builder to do work to the home, we offered the homeowner a cash settlement to cover any remaining work.

“Due to the homeowner’s concerns, we have recently inspected the property again and concluded that the builder’s work to resolve the damp has been successful.

"Our cash settlement offer remains open for the homeowner and we are continuing to work with him to resolve the issue.”