Haywards Heath Mayor takes reigns from ‘untiring’ Ellis

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The new mayor for Haywards Heath has pledged to continue the untiring service of his predecessor.

Members of Haywards Heath Town Council have unanimously elected councillor Sujan Wickremaratchi as their new mayor for 2015/16.

Mr Wickremaratchi was elected with the full support of the town councillors, to take over the role from councillor Sandy Ellis.

His opening speech paid tribute to the excellent work carried out by the outgoing mayor councillor Sandy Ellis.

Mr Wickremaratchi said: “I would especially like to thank Councillor Sandy Ellis for her valuable and untiring service over the last two years. The contribution she and her husband Paul have made to the community is immense. 

“Councillor Sandy Ellis has left a legacy that will be hard to follow.

“I would like to say that I am looking forward and excited, at being allowed to serve this town that has been my home for the past thirty years”

Mr Wickremaratchi has been a town councillor for two and half years, serving the Ashenground Ward, and throughout that time has worked closely with many local organisations and groups in Haywards Heath.

Councillor James Knight was elected to be Town’s Deputy Mayor for the Council year.