Haywards Heath retailer announces closure

A Boots Pharmacy in Haywards Heath is to close next month, the Middy can reveal.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 10:45 am

The pharmacy in America Lane, Bentswood, Haywards Heath, is closing on Saturday, June 29, a spokesman confirmed.

Residents have responded to the closure news, describing it as ‘disgraceful’. Read more here: Haywards Heath residents react to ‘disgraceful’ Boots Pharmacy closure news

Ward councillor Stephen Hillier has also responded to the news. Read more here: Boots Pharmacy closure: Haywards Heath councillor responds to news

Boots Pharmacy in America Lane, Haywards Heath. Picture: Google Street View

The NHS has offered residents advice. Read more here: Boots Pharmacy closure: NHS offers advice to Haywards Heath residents

Boots has revealed why it is closing the store. Read more here: Boots pharmacy closure: Retailer reveals why it is closing Haywards Heath store