Man who questions whether crop circles are all man-made to explain why in Burgess Hill talk

Are crop circles all man-made? Andy Thomas will explore the issue in his talk
Are crop circles all man-made? Andy Thomas will explore the issue in his talk

Crop circles – sophisticated patterns hewn into crop formations seemingly overnight – have fuelled mystery in Sussex for decades.

The circles, which were first discussed as far back as the 17th century, appeared under mysterious circumstances in Sussex last year, when ‘map-like markings’. appeared in fields around Ifield, Crawley.

While pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley dispelled some of the mystery behind their appearance in the 1970s and 80s – one man still questions the assumption crop circles are all man-made.

Andy Thomas, one of the UK’s best-known mysteries researchers and authors, will visit Burgess Hill next week to explain why.

He said: “The belief that all the crop circles were invented by two elderly gentlemen with rope and planks in the 1980s – a story which has recently reemerged in the media – is provably untrue.

“The crop circles were there long before them, and continued long after they ‘retired’.

“Yes, some designs are indeed man-made, but it is very hard to explain all of them that way, as eye-witness sightings, scientific evidence, geometrical observations and bizarre circumstances make very clear.

“By looking at this year’s events, I will discuss many aspects of this very persistent and intriguing phenomenon.”

Andy has been researching and writing about crop circles for nearly 30 years but has a variety of specialisms.

His books – the most famous of which are The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies – also cover UFO landings, the origin of the pyramids and mystifying paranormal activity. He has also appeared on television, representing his views on The One Show, Richard and Judy and GMTV.

Andy, who discovered his passion for the crop circle controversy while on holiday in Wiltshire in 1991, is also a public speaker, having lectured everywhere from Eastbourne’s Congress Theatre to Rio de Janeiro.

In his talk, at Cypress Hall on Tuesday (September 17) from 8pm, he will explore crop circles in particular.

Entitled Crop Circles of 2019, he will look at all the crop circle formations of the last year, both in England and abroad, and share insights.

Thomas’ talk has been organised by Changing Times, originally founded by Andy himself as a centre for crop circle studies, but which now covers a variety of subjects.

It has been organising open-door talks, lectures and events for 28 years.

Tickets are available at the door and cost £7 each.

For more information on the talk and Changing Times themselves, visit