Mid Sussex veteran banters with Prince Harry at Remembrance service

George Chandler, 94, a keen member of Haywards Heath Golf Club and veteran, enjoyed some banter with Prince Harry at a Westminster Abbey Remembrance service.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th November 2019, 5:01 pm
George Chandler, Aisling Cloonan and Alison Hopson

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in the Abbey gardens, they spoke with all the veterans, including Mr Chandler who likes to have a joke with the prince every year.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, said: “Aren’t you cold? I’m wearing all this gear and it still feels chilly.”

Mr Chandler said: “No, I am OK as I have my waterproof knickers on."

George Chandler talked with Prince Harry

When Prince Harry asked how far up the underwear went, Mr Chandler said 'all the way'.

He was the only person representing his Naval Forces section because the only other person was not fit to travel, and friends said he looked 'splendid' wearing his medals - including his Legion D'Honneur in recognition of his D-Day efforts.

When Prince Harry and Meghan arrived they duly made their way round to all the veterans - each year, George tends to have a bit of a joke with the prince.

Sarah Brook, spokeswoman for the golf club, said: “There were lots of bowler hatted men with umbrellas looking like they were on the film set for The Thomas Crown Affair.

George Chandler and Prince Harry

“George also met the Dean of Westminster Abbey and was at ease talking to Buckingham Palace staff including one who had a CBE and who insisted on taking photos of George.

“George also participated on Remembrance Sunday and travelled to Portsmouth to do the honours. We must never forget that so many of us owe a great debt to so few.”

He was accompanied to the service by Aisling Cloonan and Alison Hopson, two members of Haywards Heath Golf Club where George has been a member for 48 years.

At 94 years of age he is still playing golf and swings a club almost every day to ‘keep his swing going’.

Prince Harry and George Chandler