People in south-east planning a 90 mile round trip for turkey and stuffing this Christmas

The dispersed nature of families in Britain today means that on average we will be making a round trip of more than 90 miles to be with our loved ones this Christmas.

Research from Saga Motor Insurance shows that on average people will be travelling 47 miles to the homes of friends and family this year and over half of these journeys will be made by car.

The great Christmas getaway will see people from London travelling the furthest (68 miles) presumably as they return home having relocated to the city for work, while people from the East of England appear to live closest to their nearest and dearest as they travel the least (35 miles).

The Saga generations appear to be those most likely to be hosting the festivities as more than a third say they will be at home for Christmas, typically with their spouse, children and grandchildren; however over half say they will be getting in the car and driving to see loved ones.

A big family Christmas is on the cards for many, with half of people saying they will be with their children on the big day, over a quarter say they will be with their siblings and one in six say they will be with their grandchildren. Around 15% say they are planning to spend Christmas with the in-laws.

Those letting the train take the strain will travel the furthest, travelling on average 111 miles, while a lucky one in six people live so close to friends and family they will be travelling on foot.

Sue Green, head of motor insurance at Saga commented: “It is a sign of the times that people are travelling so far to be with their loved ones. Driving home for Christmas should be part of the fun of the holiday, but you need to plan carefully or it could feel like you’re on the road to hell. If you can leave before the rush on Christmas Eve and plan alternative routes just in case you hit traffic congestion. Be careful if you stop at the services, make sure any Christmas presents are kept out of sight of opportunistic thieves who know cars will be loaded up with extra valuables at this time of year.”