Pet cat KC is reunited with her relieved owners after going missing for two YEARS


A pet cat who disappeared from her home over two years ago has finally been reunited with her owners - thanks to her microchip.

Six-year-old KC is thought to have got lost after venturing out of her home in Maypole Road, Ashurst Wood, in 2014.

After six months as a stray, KC was then taken in and cared for by an animal lover for 18 months but was then handed into Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre in Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate.

There staff quickly scanned KC’s microchip and were soon able to reunite her with her relieved owners Nicola and James Boreham and their children Brandon, nine; Sky, four, and two-year-old Ozzie.

Nicola said: “We had KC since she was a kitten and we all adored her. When we moved home from East Grinstead to Ashurst Wood we kept her in for three weeks before letting her out. She seemed to settle in well, coming back each day without a problem.

“But after ten days she just disappeared and we never saw her again. We put up posters, phoned all the vets and animal charities and put up appeals on Facebook, but there was no sign of her.

“We never gave up hope that she may one day return, but it did seem unlikely. Then out of the blue we got a call from Cats Protection to say they had her. We were so delighted, I couldn’t wait to go and collect her.

“She’s settled back at home brilliantly and the kids are thrilled she’s back. Despite all this time, she hasn’t changed at all and is still her old self.

“I’m so glad she was microchipped – if it wasn’t for her chip we would never have seen her again.”

Deputy manager of the adoption centre Karen Thompson said: “It seems KC had got lost and after a few months had managed to charm her way into a new home. While the person who was caring for her really loved her, she had not planned to take on a cat so eventually decided it was best she came to Cats Protection for rehoming.

“As with all cats that come into our care, she was scanned for a microchip and we discovered that KC did indeed have a family and we were able to reunite them.”

But, she added, “just as important as having your cat microchipped is keeping the details up to date. We often have microchipped cats come into our care and are sadly unable to reunite them with their owners because the contact details are incorrect.”