Residents in Burgess Hill fed up with ‘poor quality and slow internet’

Grant Armstrong, Maria Fernandez, Svetlana Flori, Peter and Oanh Brophy and Lisa Muray. Picture: Liz Pearce
Grant Armstrong, Maria Fernandez, Svetlana Flori, Peter and Oanh Brophy and Lisa Muray. Picture: Liz Pearce

‘Fed up’ residents in Burgess Hill say they are being refused high-speed broadband despite it being ‘rolled out across the town’.

The residents in Orchard Close say Virgin Media is installing the broadband across the town but their road is ‘being left out’.

Picture: Liz Pearce

Picture: Liz Pearce

Peter Brophy, 36, said: “Unfortunately, our road won’t be getting it as it’s privately owned by Taylor Wimpey, and Virgin Media need a wayleave agreement from Taylor Wimpey before they can install.

“Even though well over half of the residents on the street have sent letters requesting Taylor Wimpey grant the wayleave agreement, they are still refusing – and they’re not providing us with a good reason.

“We may be left as the only road in Burgess Hill with poor quality and slow internet.”

Mr Brophy said his internet connection at home is ‘not fit for purpose’. “I play computer games and sometimes if I am playing my wife can’t watch Netflix at the same time,” he added.

“Some people here just browse the web, which is fine, but in the next five, ten years time, people are going to be using the internet more.

“I don’t see why it can’t happen. There are so many people in the street that are fed up. It is being rolled out across the town – everybody else is getting it, why are we being left out?”

A Taylor Wimpey spokesman said residents were ‘encouraged to contact Virgin Media to discuss the provision of fibre broadband to their homes’.

A Virgin Media spokesman also said: “Virgin Media does its utmost to work with private freeholders to gain wayleave consent when deploying our network to new areas.

“For new build developments, it is much easier to implement our network during the building phase which is why we ask house builders to engage with us at the earliest opportunity.

“We will continue to explore ways in which we can expand our network to reach more homes in the Burgess Hill area.”

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