Steve Willis in Burgess Hill has positive first Ofsted visit

Steve Willis in Burgess Hill recently welcomed inspectors from Ofsted for the first time as a directly funded apprenticeship provider.

The inspectors spent two days sitting in on gas, plumbing and electrical classes, meeting staff and apprentices and looking at the training centre at Sheddingdean Industrial Estate.

Apprentices at Steve Willis Training Centre in Burgess Hill. Photo by Derek Martin Photography

Apprentices at Steve Willis Training Centre in Burgess Hill. Photo by Derek Martin Photography

They were measuring progress against three themes: the requirements of successful apprenticeship provision, the benefits and positive outcomes for apprentices of high quality training, and effective safeguarding.

Marie Harris, strategic lead for apprenticeships, said: “The whole team at SWT did themselves, their learners, and the employers that they work with proud. 

“It is reassuring to know that we are on the right track towards achieving our ambition of an ‘outstanding’ grade in a full inspection.

“It is always helpful to have an objective eye cast over your provision, and we welcome the inspection process despite the challenges it can present to providers in our sector.”

The Ofsted report said apprentices at Steve Willis ‘benefit by developing their practical skills in very high-quality off-the-job training facilities’.

It said apprentices work to high standards and do well in passing the technical examinations required by the sector.

It added that the quality of classroom teaching was ‘high’ and that trainers were skilled in one-to-one coaching.

For more information on apprenticeships at Steve Willis, call 01444 870860 or visit

Ofsted is carrying out monitoring visits to all newly directly funded providers of apprenticeship training, to ensure they are meeting the high quality standards required.

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