Sussex artist to display 100 self-portraits made over 100 days

100 self-portraits made over 100 days.
100 self-portraits made over 100 days.

Sussex landscape painter Grant Dejonge, 51, is set to stage an exhibition of 100 self-portraits created and curated over 100 days entitled '100 Days of Sod'em'.

He set himself the task of replenishing his portfolio using as many artistic techniques as he could think of from his rebuilt studio after a fire destroyed many of his completed works.

100 Days of Sod'em will run for two weeks.

100 Days of Sod'em will run for two weeks.

Styles include baroque, Banksy, charcoal and even drone footage stills.

The name comes from the Marquis de Sade's similarly named novel.

Mr Dejonge said: “The gallery owner Wendy Rowark has been key to the completion of the project and the manner of its presentation to the public.

“Artologie is an independent enterprise and does its utmost to promote artists from all over the region whose works have achieved some measure of recognition so I’m privileged to be able to put this exhibition on.”

“It is an exhibition of existence, it seeks to illuminate, document and celebrate 50 years of life explored through self-portrait.”

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The images were created over one hundred days from February until May of this year.

Mr Dejonge said: “There were times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to attain my target due to other pressing commitments but I have had a lot of support from my family.

He had help from son Alex, 15, who suggested he did a series of partial portraits which could be pieced together later to form one complete image when Grant began to run out of options and ideas.

Wendy Rowark, gallery owner owner and curator, said: “Artologie prides itself on being a progressive, inclusive endeavour.

“It provides a display and sales outlet to celebrate and promote the work of established local artists as well as artisan craftworkers and jewellery makers right across the county.

Mr Dejonge is a fan of the building, which used to be a Victorian butcher's emporium.

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He said: “The period building provides an ideal environment for the exhibition and this is a rare chance to examine such a significant body of work all in one place.

“It’s a big ask to put your work on show, especially on this scale and I think we all have to be thankful for galleries like Artologie without which budding artists would have very little scope to show their work, in the flesh, as it were. In real time.”

Not all of the self-portraits will be on show but those that are will be hand-picked examples, illustrating the artist’s moods and methods.

The new works will be unveiled on August 23 at the Artologie gallery in Cuckfield, and will run for two weeks until September 6, with many of the works available to purchase.