Sussex Freemasons help those in need across Mid Sussex

Sussex Freemasons have been busy giving their time and money to a wide range of charities to help them continue their work during the pandemic.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 1:51 pm
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The organisation – which has lodges that meet in Hurstpierpoint, Haywards Heath and Uckfield – works to support those in need in the community, including food banks, scout groups, dementia care and hospice support.

The Sussex Freemasons have contributed to the £1m funding and 18 million hours of community support provided collectively by the Freemasons throughout England last year.

Christopher Moore, head of Sussex Freemasons, said “I am very proud of the way in which Sussex Freemasons have come together to support our communities in so many different ways, sourcing and producing PPE to providing and delivering hot food to those in crisis and supporting those who are vulnerable.

“In addition to the £1m donated in 2020, the Freemasons have committed a further fund of £2.1m to support the ongoing Covid-19 crisis response.

“Of that £2.1m, £850,000 has been allocated to support homeless people through several charities with which the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing Masonic lodge, partners.”

Work done by Sussex Freemasons across the last year includes supplying 50 Samsung Galaxy android tablets to hospices in East and West Sussex to help Covid patients stay in touch with their families and providing mobile phones to support remote working in the NHS.

The charitable organisation has also donated £30,000 to directly support NHS staff working in the major hospitals across the county including the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath, and given PPE to a wide range of charities and hospices.

They have also supported the work of domestic violence charities, and also provided £28,000 of cash support to food banks in the area, while more than 40,000 homeless individuals are being provided with food and essentials, transport, help with accessing services such as counselling and healthcare, as well as employment and training opportunities.

As well as local causes, freemasons also contribute to wider needs such as national charities of significance, to particular lodges, international disasters and humanitarian relief.

Dr David Staples, chief executive of the United Grand Lodge of England said: “Our response to the pandemic shows what freemasonry is all about; supporting those in need, giving back to our communities and volunteering where it can make a real difference.

“Freemasons have been doing this for more than 300 years and I am proud of the time and commitment that our members have given to support the nation in its fight against Covid-19.”

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