Sussex PCC thanks Warninglid residents for speed watch

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Residents have questioned Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne on police efforts to stop speeding in their village.

Mrs Bourne joined Community Speed Watch volunteers as they carried out a speed check in Cuckfield Lane, Warninglid, on Monday evening (July 13).

Speed Watch volunteers are trained residents who use speed guns to clock every motorist exceeding the speed limit by more than 15 per cent. They send the driver’s registration number to police who send the driver a warning letter. If the driver is caught speeding more than once within a year, they receive a visit from a police officer.

The Warninglid team spends about an hour, a couple of night a week, doing speed checks.

They have been doing this, led by resident David Cherry, for nine years.

Mrs Bourne joined the volunteers and praised their efforts before attending a Q&A meeting in the village hall where residents questioned why the police could not provide a dedicated speed watch officer for Sussex to join the volunteers and fine speeding drivers.

She explained that, due to huge budget cuts, dedicated officers were no longer an option and officers had to be able to carry out multiple roles.

She said: “The draw on police time is really different to what it was 10 years ago. Internet crime wasn’t heard of, child exploitation wasn’t heard of...Things are changing and we have to be realistic on what we can expect from police.”

She added that she has ensured more money has been put into Community Speed Watch and Operation Crackdown as she knew speeding was a major issue for Sussex residents.