Sussex woman works out every day in 2018 and transforms her body

A Sussex woman has transformed her body after working out every day in 2018.

Thursday, 3rd January 2019, 5:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:14 pm
Jade Huet from Worthing at the beginning of her challenge in January 2018 (left), and at the end in December (right)

Jade Huet began and ended her year in Amsterdam, went to a festival, went on holiday to Greece and on a three-and-a-half week road trip in the US - but still managed to complete her 365-day workout challenge without a single rest day.

The receptionist at Splashpoint Leisure Centre in Brighton Road, Worthing, lost nearly two stone and reduced her body fat percentage by 12 per cent, dropping dress sizes from a 14 to a 10/12.

The 29-year-old from Worthing, West Sussex, said: "I'm 100 per cent proud of my achievements. It could be really tough on some days; I'm young, I do go out and like to have a drink and occasionally I might have a hangover - so sometimes I just had to listen to what my body told me I could and could not do."

Jade Huet from Worthing at the beginning of her challenge in January 2018 (left), and at the end in December (right)

The fitness fan was inspired by a friend who tried to do the challenge the previous year, but only managed to reach around 40 days.

She set up an Instagram account, @j_huet_, to document her progress, and set herself a minimum standard for what would pass as a workout, such as a 5k run or a 45-minute weight session, or even a game of badminton with friends.

Her first workout was a run in Amsterdam on New Year's Day, and once she was back home she used her FIT4 pass, which gives her access to five gyms in Worthing including Splashpoint, Worthing Leisure Centre and the fitness centre at Worthing College. She also joined The Gym in Lyons Farm due to its 24-hour access.

After a month, she said she started to see progress, and after three months she said there was no turning back, making an effort to eat healthier too.

Jade Huet from Worthing has exercised every day for 365 days.

The challenge did not stop her travelling: when Jade went to the US in June, she stayed in hotels with gym access and did circuit training outside her chalet in Yosemite National Park, and she even managed to fit her workout schedule around RiZE Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.

She said reaching the milestone on New Year's Eve was a bittersweet moment for her: "It has become part of my life and it's important to move every day. I'm happy with the results I achieved, and it shows that consistency really does help."

She flew back out to Amsterdam to see in 2019, but was determined to keep up the challenge - so on New Year's Day, she did a workout in the same park where her challenge began a year before.

Jade said her next goal was to reach 400 days of consecutive workouts. Her success has inspired some of her friends to take on the challenge too, which she said made her proud.

Jade Huet from Worthing has exercised every day for 365 days.

Her advice for people trying to get fit this year was consistency and setting a series of small, achieveable goals. She said: "When I used to go to the gym, I wasn't consistent. I went for about two years and didn't see any results.

"I spoke to a couple of personal trainers there and they said it was because I was hammering it for two weeks at a time, and then they wouldn't see me for a week. It's all about muscle memory and consistency - that is how you see results."